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PTSD: What The Veterans Network Wants You To Know with HH4Heroes Guest and Founder Lisa Cypers Kamen

Renown PTSD positive psychology life coach and happiness expert, Lisa Cypers Kamen, talked solutions with Rick Seaman of the Veterans Network on March 11th.  Kamen’s interview featured discussion about Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, a pending 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, focused on positive solutions to wellbeing management in post combat reintegration for veterans.  Kamen also discusses her program’s impressive 25% success rate of improved wellbeing, among the HH4Heroes program recipients.

Kamen’s interview further explores the needs of not only veterans, but families, children, spouses, caretakers, and families of the fallen, challenged by the invisible symptoms of PTSD and TBI in post combat situations.

“When the soldier goes to war, so does the whole family,” says Kamen.
“HH4Heroes engages the veterans capability to thrive through trauma and help other veterans in need of aid as well.”Click here to see Kamen’s interview on the Iraq and Afghanistan channel of the Veterans Network.