Sophie Chiche is the founder and curator of, a website gathering eclectic people answering the question, “what is most meaningful to you”. Nobel Prizes, media moguls, fishermen, midwives, global leaders, spiritual teachers, artists, and teenagers share their original meaningful words every day.

Sophie is an author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur. She holds Masters in Business, Journalism and Psychology. You can find her asking game-changer deep questions, wallpapering her stairway, dancing with her staff, reading The Little Prince, and … oh, you know … living a life of meaning.


Shannon Bindler is a Shoeologist and Style Editor who believes in the transformative power of fashion. She is also the co-founder of Get Up Girl, a popular women’s coaching series that inspires women to shine.

Shannon contributes regularly to,, and She is currently working on her first book, Sole Rx: Shoe Prescriptions for Life.

Shannon has traveled, studied, and worked extensively throughout Africa, South America, and Europe. She lives with her filmmaker husband and daughter in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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