Wayne Hankin  is a period instrument specialist who has played 400 different instruments over a 30 year career. Specializing in medieval, renaissance, and baroque periods, Wayne has mastered instruments played only by a small handful of people in the world, including various bagpipes, hornpipes, flutes, whistles, gemshorns, trumps, bone flutes, double reeds, and others. There are also instruments made exclusively for his talents of which he is the sole performer. With over 4000 concerts to his credit and over 300 works composed  for period instruments, Wayne has received numerous awards and commissions from ASCAP Awards to The National Endowment of the Arts. His  film, 7 SOLOS, was awarded best short subject at The World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington DC. To learn more about Wayne and his work, visit:



Jeffrey Pflaum formerly taught inner-city elementary school children in NY for thirty-four years. During this time, he created a successful education project in social-and-emotional learning called The Contemplation Music Writing Project, where he combines music and writing to develop awareness, creativity, and motivation for extraordinary results. He has written articles for professional newspapers and publications about his original curricula. Jeffrey has recently published an inspirational book about adolescent reading life experiences titled, Motivating Teen and Preteen Readers: How Teachers and Parents Can Lead the Way.  To learn more about Jeffrey and his work, visit:


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