PTSD Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

PTSD Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

By Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness 4 Heros


By now we know a lot about the things that encourage stress to build, how our bodies react and how to evaluate the situation.   Putting that knowledge into action is providing solutions, techniques and things we can do to eliminate or reduce many of the sensations associated with Stress and PTSD.


In my work, the best and most immediate relief for stress and PTSD hands down is exercise. Going for a run, lifting weights, hiking, bike riding, swimming, dancing, yoga, spinning…anything that gets you moving provides almost immediate relief.  Elevating your heart rate will elevate your mood. And dissipate stress symptoms. Make time to exercise. Your body and your family will thank you. Here are some daily solutions that can reduce your overall stress and why:


  1. Since      stress makes it hard to concentrate and remember use your calendar system,      your phone’s reminder system or simple pencil and paper to write things      down and help unclutter your brain. Holding in your brain “were almost out      of milk or gas” takes up a lot of space. Writing it down on a list can      free up your brain space.
  2. Stress      makes you tired.  Give yourself time      to sleep, walk, rest, play and breathe even for five minutes.
  3. Stress      makes choosing difficult. Enlist the aid of a trusted friend or family      member to help you make decisions that are causing you struggle.
  4. Stress      makes you feel like you have to do everything all at once and by      yourself.  Think about how much      stuff is really immediate and how much can wait. No one ever died over      waiting while you go to the bathroom.
  5. Stress      makes you put off things that are difficult, annoying or painful. We all      do it – trying to make these things more pleasant or just getting them      done removes that stress.
  6. Stress      makes you inefficient so ask for help until you are more in balance. In      the military we are so caught up with self reliance that asking for help      can be seen as a weakness.  Weakness      does not know when to ask for help.       Navy seals exist as a team for a reason.


HH4Heroes Stress-Buster Tip #8


It takes a village. Humans are social creatures. We are meant to connect and engage with others. Make time to talk with your buddies, your spouse or a trusted family member about what’s going on. Allow those that care for you participate in your healing. If you are uncomfortable talking freely, consider talk therapy or a peer mentoring program available online or by phone. There are many successful methods and alternatives to work with PTSD. Not seeking support or guidance is not a treatment plan. No man or woman is an island. Reach for a hand and you will receive one. Harvesting Happiness for Heroes has online programming that can help.


These are just some helpful tips and tricks that can reduce your daily stress load.  In the next installment we are going to talk about How to Lessen our Load from the outside.


Remember…happiness is an inside job!


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