PTSD Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

PTSD Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

By Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness 4 Heros


After we recognize all the signs, symptoms and behaviors associated with stress, we now have to take a look at the situation as a whole so we can make corrections.  The most powerful advocate we have in a stressful situation is our self.  Now we know from the earlier articles in the series (and you need to read them if you have just joined us) by the time we are stressed out we can’t think or make decisions easier so we make sure we spot the signs before its too late.


It might seem silly or counter intuitive but when you are approaching stress overload and you recognize the signs we talked about you need to do one vital thing.  Stop. Stop thinking. Stop doing. Stop for a moment and breath.  The more you push yourself the more the pressure and you just need to break that pattern.


We stop.  We breathe. We talk a walk. We pet our dog or cat. We go for a swim. We walk around a store for twenty minutes looking but not buying. We give ourselves a break and permission to calm down so we can clear our head.  We need to really step back from our own life for a moment so we can look clearly at the situation.


Once we feel calm, we can ask ourselves: what can I do and what can I not?  What is truly important to me? What can I let go?  Where can I cut back and what can I delegate.  If you say nothing! I am the only one.  You need to go back for a walk and try again later.


There’s an old adage that when there is a boulder in the way there are many ways around it. You can go over, under and around – and if you are a Marine you can blow it up. Stress makes it hard to prioritize but with some time, space and a little bit of peace we can start to sort out the mess.


HH4Heroes Stress-Buster Tip #7


Forgiveness might sound like a word for sissies but it is a key in the stress release process. By granting or asking for forgiveness we are not admitting wrongdoing. We are actually requesting to be relieved of our suffering. Forgiveness does not require a religious act. It does mean that we release our selves and others from judgments and positions that keep us stuck and in the stress loop. Next time you are stressed-out consider letting it go the destructive thoughts and refocus on what is important, your emotional and physical health. You are worth it.


All of this sounds good. Sounds easy but putting it into practice is a little more challenging and we are going to talk about that in the next series.


Remember…happiness is an inside job!


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