PTSD Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

PTSD Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

By Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness 4 Heros

We create our own stress as much as we are affected by it – maybe even more. The way we think, the way we see the world and the way we interpret events determines how stressed we feel about the event.


Imagine a guy on a train whose kids are running wild and he does nothing. The noise, the rudeness and the laziness of the man really gets to you after a long day of work and a hot commute on the subway.


Now you overhear him on his cell phone and his wife just died in the hospital and he is taking his kids to his mother’s house.


Hmmm…feel a little different? Of course. We see things differently and we feel differently yet the situation – the noisy unruly kids and the ineffective man stays the same. What changed? Our perception of the situation changed.


So that leads us to think that we have a choice in how we can see situations. Do you choose to see them in a way that helps or hurts you?


Now let’s stay on that same train and pop into your head. You have a big project due, your kid’s concert tonight and your friend is mad at you because you won’t meet for your usual workout. You can think one of two ways:


“I can’t do this all. I have to get my work done. I shouldn’t ask for help. There is nothing I can do”


“I will do what I can. I’ll get as much done as possible. I will ask for some help. I will do my best.”


In both of those thoughts the end result is the same – same work and situation. But notice the difference in stress level.  Words like never, have to should mean we have no out. That’s stressful. Doing our best and phrasing it that was is truly all we can do relieves that pressure.  The pressure we put on ourselves by the way we phrase things.  Changing our words we choose can help us reduce our internal stress load. Changing our perceptions of situations can also help us reduce that as well.


HH4Heroes Stress-Buster Tip #10


This too shall pass. Fortunately, life is constantly changing. There will always be good and bad days. Knowing that nothing remains the same can provide comfort when life feels like it could not get any worse. Time is a great healer if we allow it. Stress and PTSD are uncomfortable, highly treatable and able heal with time and effort. Remember, these conditions are not a sickness, they are signs of our humanity and that we are alive.


Remember…happiness is an inside job!


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