Panic and Anxiety Solutions Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

Panic and Anxiety Solutions Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

By Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes


Well you are almost through our series in helping you understand your own anxiety, body, mind, and how to help end the cycle of anxiety. I’d like to now discuss some more quick ways to prevent general stressful situations, and physical ailments.

As a recap for the physical symptoms, look back in the blog to learn about better breathing, and breathing during your attack. Also take preventive actions by cutting back on caffeine, eating regularly, and getting enough sleep and rest. Notice the second word—rest. Getting eight hours of sleep will help your body recuperate, but your mind also needs some relaxation.

Without some relaxing “you time,” your mind is more likely to dwell on worries and accumulate stress. This, as we have seen, can pique in the form of an anxiety attack. In order to prevent this particular trigger, it is a good time to pick something relaxing to do every week or every few days. If you have the time and can relax every day that is even better, but focus on the minimum of once or twice a week. If you want to go to the movies, take a long bath, read a good book, play a board game, or talk a walk in the park then do so. What will also help with this process is changing your thought patterns in the ways discussed earlier, as well as some preventive measures. When you are feeling stressed out, add some venting to your relaxation time. Take the time to call a friend, journal, or work with a therapist. If it helps you, take time out to organize your schedule and requirements, in order to prevent some stressful situations and cut out what you really don’t need. Finding more healthy ways to deal with your every day stress and prevent anxiety can be found in our blog Stress Series.

Having a past traumatic event can affect your current stress level and anxiety attacks. The above methods can definitely help with this trigger as well—although it may perhaps be a bit more painful, and require more talking it out. Distracting yourself when you need to stop dwelling on the past, and taking time out to take care of yourself, can help you lessen your anxiety. Also realizing and journaling these triggers can help you realize they are just triggers. When you see them occurring again, stop and think: “I am not [past event], that was just a memory. I am safe, I am in control, and I am healing.” Then employ the above techniques; realize your symptoms for what they are, practice your breathing, and distract your thoughts.

I hope that these lessons have helped you learn more about yourself, and understand your life and ways you can heal your anxiety, and keep your worries and past from affecting your present daily life. Be sure to stay rested in body and soul, and continue to stay strong and happy with whom you are and where you are going.

Interactive Strategy #10


Give up control:


Our lives are governed by the illusion of the control we think we have over it. The reality is the only thing we have control over is our actions and behaviors. Do you really want to be that person with road rage or who yells at your partner for the tiniest infraction that rubs you the wrong way? My guess is no. You see, most of us desire a calm, harmonious, healthy and prosperous life for our selves and our families. The first step to achieving it starts with you.

In the pursuit to control our lives and our anxieties we actually constrict our bodies and our minds. The next time you feel the grips of control consider loosening it up and letting go. Look to the skies, feel the sun and surrender to the moment. You might actually feel like you have regained your composure.


For more information, please check in with us to read on more topics, concerning depression, anger, stress, and more.

Remember…happiness is an inside job!


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