Panic and Anxiety Solutions Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

Panic and Anxiety Solutions Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes

By Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness 4 Heroes


Living through a deployment, relocation, or reintegration period can produce great feelings of stress, anxiety, and worry. All the changes, disappointments, or stressful situations can shock our system both physically and mentally, as discussed in our other blog series dealing with stress. Sometimes past situations can trigger this anxiety, or an anxiety attack.  Sometimes a present situation, that is in fact innocuous, can trigger memories of these past events. Occasionally anything harmless—the body being tired or hungry, for instance, and not getting the sleep or food it needs, can trigger or exacerbate anxiety or an anxiety attack.  Situations that already stress us out, such as a large crowd of unfamiliar people, can also bring up anxious feelings…or turn into an attack of feeling overwhelmed, close to death and startlingly fearful. This is due to the fact that once the symptoms of anxiety spring up, they can cause an attack if not held in check nor properly understood.

In order to keep these attacks from springing up, it is important to keep our general anxiety and stress levels managed. In this blog series, we are going to assess the symptoms and triggers of anxiety attacks as well as some plausible solutions. With these tools in hand, you can be a happier, healthier, and more calmly and collected you.

But before we continue on our journey, we want you to ask yourself some questions. This will help you understand what an anxiety attack is, how you can combat the triggers, and how to best understand your own circumstances that cause anxiety.

What are events that have caused extreme anxiety in the past? Were there times you did not understand the cause of an anxiety attack, but knew you felt like you were scared and under attack—either mentally or physically—or feared perhaps about to have a heart attack or die? Were there times you felt both physically light headed, shaky, and had an extreme need to leave the area, situation or room? Did even thinking about these anxiety symptoms and events cause some feelings of fear, stress, or panic?

If you are feeling a bit anxious reading through these symptoms, don’t worry—that’s common. Sometimes the fear of anxiety alone can cause anxiety. The important thing to do is take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for wanting to address the issue. By reading this series, soon you will have more skills to assist you in managing the problem, and—if need be—take a quick break to think about something soothing and relaxing. We will return soon with advice on how to handle these situations, as well as what causes some anxiety.

Interactive Strategy #1

Visualize yourself in a soothing place:

Each one of us knows a place that brings us calm and relaxation. It might be somewhere we experienced long ago or something that happened to us yesterday. Take a few minutes in a quiet place, even if that means pulling your car off to the side of the road. Relax your body so it is supported. Gently close your eyes and begin to breathe slowly. Continue to take several quiet inhales and exhales through your nose. As you begin to release a little tension, allow your mind to wander to your “happy place.” This can be any relaxing scene that you know and enjoy such as a beach, the mountains, a lake, walking on the golf course. What do you see, hear and smell? Your awareness is now fully present in the moment and the symptoms begin to lessen.

Remember…happiness is an inside job!

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