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Harvesting Happiness for Heroes by Lisa Cypers Kamen

by Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happines 4 Heroes


 As discussed earlier, we need to look at our health and sleep—but what about during the day? You need to take some time for yourself, and give yourself permission to do so. But during times of depression it may be hard to even make decisions and plan for events. So the question is, routine or no routine? Which will help pull you out of your tragic-feeling funk?


For some, depression may call for a shake up in routine, and the normal. If your symptoms include feeling “stuck,” then this may be the route for you. Plan (again, even if you don’t feel like it at the time) for a new outing, museum, or hobby. Take a new class, or vary what you do enough to avoid that stuck and bored and sad feeling. Take a leap of faith and adventure.


For some, though, feeling depressed calls more for a need to feel secure, and a routine helps you feel less reliant on feelings or guilt, and is the thing that motivates you to keep going, or get up and move. If that is the case, then stick to a healthy routine, but be sure to include both work and play. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Plan to go on walks, plan to meet with friends, plan to get things done—starting with small, simple, every day tasks. Do you need to pick up the kids from school? Write a letter? Pay the bills? Make that your focus for the day, and don’t worry too much about everything else. Those events can be handled tomorrow. And as discussed, make time for yourself. If you take care of yourself, you are honoring God, yourself, and the people around you.  Remember that you cannot work well if you do not feel well, nor can you take care of others if you yourself are not taken care of. Allow yourself that R&R to recuperate, and get your mind off of things.


 HH4Heroes Depression Diffusion Interactive Strategy #8


Create a Mission Statement for Wellness. Most people who have accomplished goals in their lives do so because they have a plan. In this moment, one of your major plans is to start feeling better and experiencing less depression otherwise you would not be reading this blog. One way to make things happen is to create a step-by-step action plan and that starts with a vision. What is your vision for wellness? Take a few unhurried minutes to write down what you want your wellness to look like. For example, to be less depressed, more relaxed, less irritable, more engaged. Now, write down at least five things you are willing to do to make it happen. This is not a closed document but one that you can add to daily and even include magazine photo cut outs that illustrate the mood or scene you desire. You might consider creating a journal or bulletin board that is devoted solely to your healing where you can actually document your progress and celebrate it.


Join us next for a few more tips on healing your depression, one step at a time. You are not alone!

Remember…happiness is an inside job!


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