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Harvesting Happiness for Heroes by Lisa Cypers Kamen

by Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happines 4 Heroes



We have all had blue moments, seasons, or times when we were dealing with—as the saying goes–love, loss, and regret. Feeling a bit sad or lonely at times is as normal as the changing of the seasons. But what about when that sadness stays for so long we feel stuck in a rut, or our sadness turns into something akin to despair? This, my friends, is more likely to be depression.


While sad moods are normal and expected, slight lines separate these feelings from clinical depression. It is important to recognize what the signs and symptoms of depression truly are, and how best to discover your own reasons for these depressive moods. After realizing these factors, you will be able to gradually eliminate depression.


Before we begin, let’s go over some questions that may help you realize whether or not you have or are struggling with depression. As we do, remember to set aside any feelings of guilt, embarrassment, or shame. These emotions are common in depression, but not how you need to be feeling right now. Depression has hit many kind and intelligent people, including William Wilberforce, Emily Dickinson, C.S. Lewis, Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, Georgia O’Keeffe, Winston Churchill, and Susan B. Anthony.


Ask yourself: have you ever had periods of time where you could barely get out of bed, or make yourself move around? Have you ever lost interest in most activities and people you used to love and find enjoyable? When have you ever felt hopeless, alone, and/or ashamed and despairing? When you think about these times, try to look back and consider events surrounding these occurrences, or thoughts you had about yourself and your life. Think about who was in your life at the time, and what activities you were engaged in. We will look at the effect all these factors play into both depression, and preventing these feelings, as well as what those feelings and symptoms really are.


If you have ruminating thoughts and blues that just don’t seem to go away after a couple of weeks, it is time to seek help. Depression now only weighs on our minds but can affect every area of life if not treated. The good news is that depression is a highly treatable condition that can be managed. Healing depression requires action steps and often taking action when depressed can feel like an impossible task.


HH4Heroes Depression Diffusion Interactive Strategy #1



One day and step at time. Many of us become overwhelmed when we are depressed. The smallest task can feel like running a marathon. Consider slowing down and taking each moment one at a time. Rome was not built in a day and neither will bouncing back from depression. Begin by creating small goals for yourself such as taking a brief walk, calling a supportive friend or giving some attention to your pet. This alone will not end the depression but by doing some small act to shift your routine you will have accomplished something you can feel good about.


Remember, our goal is small a success that gives you incentive to create more.


This is the first of a ten part blog series focused on depression after deployment and what you can do about it. Stay tuned for the next blog on Recognizing the Emotional Symptoms and Thought Patterns of depression.


Remember…happiness is an inside job!


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