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Harvesting Happiness for Heroes by Lisa Cypers Kamen

by Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happines 4 Heroes


Part of dispelling anger long-term is by having people you know you can trust, who understand you, and you can connect with…and then working on keeping them healthily in your life. One of the reasons anger, and the causes for anger, fester inside of you is because you have no one to simply talk to about your experiences, your emotions, your worries, and your frustrations.

For some, that may mean you need to rekindle old friendships, or the connection in your marriage or romantic relationship. When things got busy (and frustrating) you may have lost touch with your close friends—now is the time to email, video chat, call, or meet up for coffee. Use this opportunity to explain why you have been out of touch, and leave some space for old friends to get back to you. If they were the ones to drop out of touch, especially if they are a family member, then simply let them know that you are available for reconciliation. Sending a holiday card, or a short email, will not only send that message; but begin healing some places of anger in both of your lives.

For some of you, it may involve opening up a bit. Perhaps you have those you trust and who care about you; but you don’t let yourself talk to them about what is happening in your life. You may be angry at your boss, angry at your spouse, angry at your family; but you don’t take some time to talk to a trusted friend about it. You don’t glean their wisdom, or just their listening space. Take some time to open that door.

And what if the person you connect with is someone you are also angry at? That involves forgiveness, as we discussed, and perhaps explaining why you are angry (look to earlier blogs for some ways to go into that). It may also involve explaining why you are so frustrated with them for other reasons—perhaps they need to know about your bad day at work, the reason for you snapping every work-night. Or perhaps you have memories from the past you haven’t talked about yet.


HH4Heroes Anger Management Strategy #8


Battle Buddies Work. One of the more comforting ways of dealing with anger is to share your feelings with someone, specifically a peer, who is going through or who has been in a situation similar to yours. Your Battle Buddy (or buddies) is your “go to guy/gal” with whom you have trust and confidence to help you if and when needed. At the same time, your ability to be honest with your Battle Buddy about what you are feeling and experiencing is essential in order for them to assist.


These lines of communication, even if slight and possibly difficult at first, will help keep a steadiness in your life. You won’t feel the need to snap as much, and you may be able to discuss some events still plaguing you today. Most importantly, you will have a support group, and that makes every situation in life a little less difficult.

Remember…happiness is an inside job!


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