Tami Cromar, Lisa Kamen, Lisa Cypers Kamen, Harvesting Happiness Talk RadioAs an architectural designer, cookies and baking were a side note in Tami Cromar’s life. When she wanted  a little extra spending money, she’d bake. When she wanted to help her daughters raise funds, she’d bake. When she wanted a quality, memorable gift for her clients, she’d bake.

Over the course of 15 years, it was an accumulation of these incidences, coupled with her disillusionment with the design industry, that brought Cromar to a realization: It was time for cookies to move from the sidelines to the forefront of her life. So she quit her former career.With a vote of confidence from her family, and a $10,00 IRA, she began the process of opening the local bakery, RubySnap.

Since she had always incorporated creativity into every element of life, creating unique recipes, names, branding techniques, and a storefront design, flowed like honey. Her passion for baking and bringing happiness to the mouths of cookie lovers  carried her through the exponential learning curve of opening a small business.

Cromar has a fearless attitude. She didn’t care if the company failed. She knew she had to try. That is what made all the difference. Even when Cromar’s bakery was under attack by a prominent multi-billion dollar company, threatening her with law suits over the RubySnap’s former name, “My Dough Girl,” Cromar trekked on.

Changing the shop’s name was a major blow to RubySnap, but karma was on Cromar’s spirited side. The story caught international media attention, bringing in a new fan base, and eventually a contract with Whole Foods. Next, The Discovery Channel and CMT came knocking at her door. Unlike the corporate bullies she had gone head to head with, their motives were all in the name of spreading the good cookie word.

After almost three years in the business, Cromar’s mantra remains the same: If it isn’t wonderful, it doesn’t belong in your mouth! It’s a sin to add unnatural ingredients that compromise wholesome bakery goodness! Never take anything too seriously. Keep it sassy, fun, and real!

With happiness as the ultimate goal, Cromar has been successfully bringing happiness to herself,  her employees , and above all, her customers as she presents  the world with one innovative, timeless treat after another.

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