Dr. Mary Hulnick, Dr. Ron Hulnick, Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio, Lisa Cypers Kamen, Lisa Kamen, Loyalty To Your Soul, Unresolved issuesUnresolved issues are like volcanoes. They fester inside us until the heat is so hot, we erupt .They spew out and descend down the sides of our lives, destroying everything they come in contact with. When we have unresolved issues in our relationships, it can be detrimental to all involved. When resentment encompasses us and we cling to bitterness and hurt feelings, is can turn a happy home into a battle zone. Our guests this week will facilitate an easier understanding of unresolved issues from our past and present, as well as give us sound advice of how to uncover these issues to begin the journey of healing our hearts and souls.

Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick are founders of the University of Santa Monica, a small, private graduate school offering master’s degree programs in Spiritual Psychology.  Most recently, Ron and Mary have released their newest book, Loyalty to Your Soul – The Heart of Spiritual Psychology. Loyalty to your Soul means learning to live life from within the spiritual context of who you are. Which means the YOU that is the spiritual essence of your very being as opposed to who you think you are, which is really all about your ego or personality.  The idea is that “We are not human beings who have a Soul, we are Souls having a human experience.”

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